Scobol Solo 2006

Scobol Solo 2006 was held on Saturday, November 11. Due to a pertussis outbreak at New Trier, it was moved at the last minute to Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire. There were 112 players. The full results have been lost to memory, but here are the final standings:

1. Carlo Angiuli New Trier High School (Winnetka)  
2. Greg Gauthier Wheaton North High School Morning Champion
3T. Greg Peterson Maine South High School (Park Ridge)  
  Kristina Warren Bloomington High School  
5. Jeff Wear Maine South High School  
6T. John Brown Auburn High School (Rockford)  
  Katie Hibbeln Downers Grove North High School Desperation Shot champion
  Justin Stoncius Carbondale Community High School  
9. Siva Sundaram Auburn High School