Scobol Solo 2009 Round 2: Sviat Nakonechny vs. Graham Geir

Room 344
Sviat Nakonechny came in with Card 50
Graham Geir came in with Card 79
Tossups Heard
#Answer Sviat Nakonechny
Leyden High School
Graham Geir
St. Charles East High School
1pilgrimCorrect Answer 1Not Attempted 0
2European UnionCorrect Answer 2Not Attempted 0
3computation: solving an equality of two rational functionsNot Attempted 2Correct Answer 1
4William WordsworthNot Attempted 2Not Attempted 1
5Yom Kippur WarCorrect Answer 3Not Attempted 1
6glassNot Attempted 3Correct Answer 2
7TurandotNot Attempted 3Not Attempted 2
8computation: height of a weird shapeNot Attempted 3Not Attempted 2
9PlutarchNot Attempted 3Not Attempted 2
10The TrialNot Attempted 3Not Attempted 2
11DublinCorrect Answer 4Not Attempted 2
12syntheticNot Attempted 4Correct Answer 3
13nitrogen fixationNot Attempted 4Correct Answer 4
14Elizabeth Cady StantonNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 4
15Impresion: SunriseNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 4
16e^2 (mixed computation and noncomputation)Correct Answer 5Not Attempted 4
17TaoismNot Attempted 5Not Attempted 4
18speed of lightCorrect Answer 6Not Attempted 4
19Boo RadleyNot Attempted 6Not Attempted 4
20BelgiumCorrect Answer 7Not Attempted 4
Final Score  7  4