Scobol Solo 2009 Round 8: Laura Zillman vs. Brian Peterson

Room 323
Laura Zillman came in with Card 79
Brian Peterson came in with Card 98
Tossups Heard
#Answer Laura Zillman
Wheaton North High School
Brian Peterson
Loyola Academy
1tigerNot Attempted 0Correct Answer 1
2IsraelNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 1
3computation: system of nonlinear equationsNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 1
4Sir Walter ScottNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 1
5NefertitiNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 1
6copperCorrect Answer 1Not Attempted 1
7alto (common link)Not Attempted 1Not Attempted 1
8computation: surface area of octahedronNot Attempted 1Not Attempted 1
9Friedrich NietzscheNot Attempted 1Correct Answer 2
10Dream of the Red ChamberNot Attempted 1Not Attempted 2
11DallasNot Attempted 1Not Attempted 2
12caucusCorrect Answer 2Not Attempted 2
13vitamin DCorrect Answer 3Not Attempted 2
14Battle of GettysburgCorrect Answer 4Not Attempted 2
15Byzantine artNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 2
16convergenceNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 2
17College of CardinalsCorrect Answer 5Not Attempted 2
18computation: momentumNot Attempted 5Not Attempted 2
19"A Perfect Day for Bananafish"Not Attempted 5Not Attempted 2
20Beer Hall PutschNot Attempted 5Not Attempted 2
Final Score  5  2