Scobol Solo 2009 Round 9: Jacie Sales vs. Adrian Blaszkiewicz

Room 355
Jacie Sales came in with Card 46
Adrian Blaszkiewicz came in with Card 86
Tossups Heard
#Answer Jacie Sales
Wheaton North High School
Adrian Blaszkiewicz
Leyden High School
1NewtonNot Attempted 0Correct Answer 1
2Don't Ask, Don't TellNot Attempted 0Correct Answer 2
3computation: moneyCorrect Answer 1Not Attempted 2
4Iago (Othello)Correct Answer 2Not Attempted 2
5Darius (common link)Not Attempted 2Correct Answer 3
6surface tensionNot Attempted 2Not Attempted 3
7Felix MendelssohnNot Attempted 2Not Attempted 3
8computation: octagonNot Attempted 2Not Attempted 3
9The Souls of Black FolkNot Attempted 2Not Attempted 3
10Haruki MurakamiNot Attempted 2Not Attempted 3
11Baffin IslandNot Attempted 2Not Attempted 3
12propagandaNot Attempted 2Correct Answer 4
13centrioleCorrect Answer 3Not Attempted 4
14Franklin PierceNot Attempted 3Not Attempted 4
15Francisco GoyaCorrect Answer 4Not Attempted 4
16Pierre de FermatNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 4
17shahadaNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 4
18computation: projectileNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 4
19Carson McCullersNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 4
20Otto von BismarckNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 4
21 (TB) Correct Answer 5Not Attempted 4
Final Score  5  4