Scobol Solo 2009 Round 12: Laura Zillman vs. Anna Galusza

Room 341
Laura Zillman came in with Card 79
Anna Galusza came in with Card 91
Tossups Heard
#Answer Laura Zillman
Wheaton North High School
Anna Galusza
Leyden High School
1ironNot Attempted 0Correct Answer 1
2ACORNNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 1
3computation: complex numbersNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 1
4William BlakeNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 1
5Mughal empireNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 1
6solubilityNot Attempted 0Correct Answer 2
7Symphony No. 9 (Beethoven)Not Attempted 0Not Attempted 2
8computation: area as dimensions are changedNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 2
9Barbara EhrenreichNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 2
10Guy de MaupassantNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 2
11UranusNot Attempted 0Correct Answer 3
12estateCorrect Answer 1Not Attempted 3
13gillCorrect Answer 2Not Attempted 3
14NAACPCorrect Answer 3Not Attempted 3
15Constantin BrancusiNot Attempted 3Not Attempted 3
16computation; multiple clues leading to the same answerNot Attempted 3Correct Answer 4
17PhaethonCorrect Answer 4Not Attempted 4
18elasticNot Attempted 4Correct Answer 5
19"The Raven"Correct Answer 5Not Attempted 5
20Spanish ArmadaCorrect Answer 6Not Attempted 5
Final Score  6  5