Scobol Solo 2015 Round 13: Gretchen Coleman vs. Will Kolada

Room 343
Andrew Nadig
Will Kolada came in with Card 15
Gretchen Coleman came in with Card 44
Tossups Heard
#Answer Gretchen Coleman
William Fremd High School
Will Kolada
Loyola Academy
1Michael OndaatjeNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 0
2Leonhard EulerNot Attempted 0Correct Answer 1
3Snake RiverIncorrect Interrupt 0Incorrect at End 1
4StalingradIncorrect at End 0Incorrect at End 1
5John Singer SargentNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 1
6plateletIncorrect at End 0Incorrect at End 1
7Invisible ManCorrect Answer 1Not Attempted 1
8mourningCorrect Answer 2Incorrect Interrupt 1
9NormandyCorrect Answer 3Not Attempted 1
10stained glassCorrect Answer 4Not Attempted 1
11clusterCorrect Answer 5Not Attempted 1
12Planned ParenthoodNot Attempted 5Correct Answer 2
13Abdulaziz Ibn SaudNot Attempted 5Not Attempted 2
14Vanity FairIncorrect Interrupt 5Incorrect at End 2
15gravitational constantIncorrect at End 5Incorrect at End 2
16Robert SchumannCorrect Answer 6Not Attempted 2
17liquidityIncorrect at End 6Correct Answer 3
18Federico Garcia LorcaIncorrect at End 6Incorrect at End 3
19Spectral LinesIncorrect at End 6Incorrect at End 3
20Lincoln 2nd inauguralIncorrect at End 6Incorrect at End 3
Final Score  6  3