Scobol Solo 2015 Round 5: Gretchen Coleman vs. Walter Shaw

Room 454
Melissa Makovsky
Gretchen Coleman came in with Card 48
Walter Shaw came in with Card 80
Tossups Heard
#Answer Gretchen Coleman
William Fremd High School
Walter Shaw
Carbondale Community High School
1rectangleNot Attempted 0Correct Answer 1
2Shirley JacksonIncorrect at End 0Not Attempted 1
3Russo-Japanese WarCorrect Answer 1Not Attempted 1
4West VirginiaNot Attempted 1Correct Answer 2
5planetNot Attempted 1Correct Answer 3
6Symphony of a ThousandCorrect Answer 2Not Attempted 3
7PragueCorrect Answer 3Not Attempted 3
8resourceCorrect Answer 4Not Attempted 3
9drosophilaCorrect Answer 5Not Attempted 3
10MoliereCorrect Answer 6Not Attempted 3
11SuleimanNot Attempted 6Correct Answer 4
12Caitlyn JennerCorrect Answer 7Incorrect Interrupt 4
13ammoniaCorrect Answer 8Incorrect Interrupt 4
14Paul GauguinIncorrect at End 8Not Attempted 4
15William Butler YeatsCorrect Answer 9Not Attempted 4
16papal infallibilityNot Attempted 9Not Attempted 4
17Oliver Wendell HolmesNot Attempted 9Not Attempted 4
18harpCorrect Answer 10Not Attempted 4
19OberonIncorrect Interrupt 10Not Attempted 4
20Heisenberg uncertaintyNot Attempted 10Correct Answer 5
Final Score  10  5