Scobol Solo 2015 Round 1: Gretchen Coleman vs. Jimmy Nagai

Room 427
Jamie Simon
Gretchen Coleman came in with Card 17
Jimmy Nagai came in with Card 112
Tossups Heard
#Answer Gretchen Coleman
William Fremd High School
Jimmy Nagai
Loyola Academy
1Los AngelesCorrect Answer 1Incorrect Interrupt 0
2Pierre CurieCorrect Answer 2Not Attempted 0
3ZoroastrianismNot Attempted 2Correct Answer 1
4Sinclair LewisCorrect Answer 3Not Attempted 1
5Dreyfus AffairCorrect Answer 4Not Attempted 1
6silkIncorrect Interrupt 4Correct Answer 2
7IndianaCorrect Answer 5Not Attempted 2
8SapphoNot Attempted 5Incorrect at End 2
9Giacomo PucciniCorrect Answer 6Not Attempted 2
10cosineCorrect Answer 7Not Attempted 2
11Haile SelassieNot Attempted 7Not Attempted 2
12Virginia WoolfCorrect Answer 8Not Attempted 2
13Maurice RavelCorrect Answer 9Not Attempted 2
14activation energyCorrect Answer 10Not Attempted 2
15HungaryCorrect Answer 11Not Attempted 2
16FalklandsNot Attempted 11Correct Answer 3
17El GrecoIncorrect Interrupt 11Incorrect Interrupt 3
18vitamin cNot Attempted 11Correct Answer 4
19SiddharthaCorrect Answer 12Not Attempted 4
20utilitarianismNot Attempted 12Correct Answer 5
Final Score  12  5