Scobol Solo 2008 Round 3: Carl Butt vs. Paul Botros

Room 354
Carl Butt came in with Card 10
Paul Botros came in with Card 55
Tossups Heard
#Answer Carl Butt
Springfield High School
Paul Botros
Carbondale Community High School
1LawrenceCorrect Answer 1Not Attempted 0
2planeNot Attempted 1Not Attempted 0
3Boris PasternakNot Attempted 1Correct Answer 1
4International Monetary FundCorrect Answer 2Not Attempted 1
5iguanodonCorrect Answer 3Not Attempted 1
6West Side StoryCorrect Answer 4Not Attempted 1
7Sherman Antitrust ActCorrect Answer 5Not Attempted 1
8computation: projectileNot Attempted 5Correct Answer 2
9maceCorrect Answer 6Not Attempted 2
10IrisCorrect Answer 7Not Attempted 2
11Ray AllenCorrect Answer 8Not Attempted 2
12computation: slope of line given angle with x-axisNot Attempted 8Correct Answer 3
13Paul KrugmanNot Attempted 8Not Attempted 3
14All's Well That Ends WellNot Attempted 8Not Attempted 3
15shield volcanoNot Attempted 8Correct Answer 4
16computation: simplification of radicalsNot Attempted 8Correct Answer 5
17Sydney Opera HouseCorrect Answer 9Not Attempted 5
18trigonal planar geometryCorrect Answer 10Not Attempted 5
19The Caine MutinyNot Attempted 10Not Attempted 5
20Gustavus AdolphusNot Attempted 10Not Attempted 5
Final Score  10  5