Scobol Solo 2008 Round 6: Michael Lanier vs. Dan Thirman

Room 355
Michael Lanier came in with Card 108
Dan Thirman came in with Card 117
Tossups Heard
#Answer Michael Lanier
Springfield High School
Dan Thirman
New Trier High School
1MercuryNot Attempted 0Correct Answer 1
2pi/2 (computational and noncomputational clues)Not Attempted 0Correct Answer 2
3Li PoNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 2
4CaliforniaCorrect Answer 1Not Attempted 2
5chloroplastCorrect Answer 2Not Attempted 2
6The Barber of SevilleNot Attempted 2Not Attempted 2
7Eleanor RooseveltCorrect Answer 3Not Attempted 2
8Andre-Marie AmpereNot Attempted 3Correct Answer 3
9fascismCorrect Answer 4Not Attempted 3
10MennonitesNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 3
11One Tree HillNot Attempted 4Correct Answer 4
12sign of trig functions in quadrantsNot Attempted 4Correct Answer 5
13The History of the Peloponnesian WarNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 5
14Daniel DefoeNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 5
15torandoCorrect Answer 5Not Attempted 5
16computation: vertex of parabolaNot Attempted 5Correct Answer 6
17GuernicaCorrect Answer 6Not Attempted 6
18phase diagramCorrect Answer 7Not Attempted 6
19O. HenryNot Attempted 7Not Attempted 6
20Robert WalpoleNot Attempted 7Not Attempted 6
Final Score  7  6