Scobol Solo 2008 Round 13: Isa Domin vs. Andrew Deveau

Room 244
Isa Domin came in with Card 4
Andrew Deveau came in with Card 14
Tossups Heard
#Answer Isa Domin
Niles North High School
Andrew Deveau
Maine Township High School South
1AtlantisCorrect Answer 1Not Attempted 0
2computation; multiple clues leading to the same answerNot Attempted 1Not Attempted 0
3Nikolai GogolCorrect Answer 2Not Attempted 0
4Lilly LedbetterNot Attempted 2Not Attempted 0
5fruit flyCorrect Answer 3Not Attempted 0
6"Clair de Lune"Not Attempted 3Correct Answer 1
7Nat TurnerCorrect Answer 4Not Attempted 1
8Thomas YoungNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 1
9ironyNot Attempted 4Correct Answer 2
10PersephoneCorrect Answer 5Not Attempted 2
11The Manchurian CandidateNot Attempted 5Correct Answer 3
12computation: area of triangle given coordinates of vertices in 3DNot Attempted 5Not Attempted 3
13Mary WollstonecraftCorrect Answer 6Not Attempted 3
14MacbethNot Attempted 6Correct Answer 4
15DenebNot Attempted 6Not Attempted 4
16computation: speedNot Attempted 6Not Attempted 4
17rococoNot Attempted 6Not Attempted 4
18electron affinityNot Attempted 6Not Attempted 4
19Walden TwoNot Attempted 6Correct Answer 5
20SuleimanCorrect Answer 7Not Attempted 5
Final Score  7  5