Scobol Solo 2008 Round 14: Michael Lanier vs. Jessica Iszczyszyn

Room 356
Michael Lanier came in with Card 99
Jessica Iszczyszyn came in with Card 100
Tossups Heard
#Answer Michael Lanier
Springfield High School
Jessica Iszczyszyn
Wheaton North High School
1JordanNot Attempted 0Correct Answer 1
2computation; multiple clues leading to the same answerCorrect Answer 1Not Attempted 1
3The Three MusketeersCorrect Answer 2Not Attempted 1
4Ted StevensCorrect Answer 3Not Attempted 1
5electroencephalogramNot Attempted 3Not Attempted 1
6minor scaleNot Attempted 3Correct Answer 2
7Medgar EversNot Attempted 3Not Attempted 2
8barometerNot Attempted 3Correct Answer 3
9ellipsisNot Attempted 3Correct Answer 4
10karmaCorrect Answer 4Not Attempted 4
11HairsprayCorrect Answer 5Not Attempted 4
12computation: simplifying trigonometric expressionsNot Attempted 5Not Attempted 4
13Marley & MeNot Attempted 5Not Attempted 4
14Agatha ChristieNot Attempted 5Not Attempted 4
15mesosphereCorrect Answer 6Not Attempted 4
16computation: x-intercept of horizontal parabolaNot Attempted 6Correct Answer 5
17Hearst CastleNot Attempted 6Not Attempted 5
18litmus paperNot Attempted 6Not Attempted 5
19The AwakeningNot Attempted 6Not Attempted 5
20NebuchadnezzarCorrect Answer 7Not Attempted 5
Final Score  7  5