Scobol Solo 2011 Round 6: Alex Smith vs. Michael Fitzpatrick

Room 259
Rob Grierson
Michael Fitzpatrick came in with Card 53
Alex Smith came in with Card 85
Tossups Heard
#Answer Alex Smith
Loyola Academy
Michael Fitzpatrick
Marian Central Catholic High School
1George EliotNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 0
2topologyNot Attempted 0Not Attempted 0
3AchillesNot Attempted 0Correct Answer 1
4Battle of the Little BighornCorrect Answer 1Not Attempted 1
5cytoplasmNot Attempted 1Correct Answer 2
6E. A. RobinsonNot Attempted 1Not Attempted 2
7CaligulaNot Attempted 1Not Attempted 2
8methaneNot Attempted 1Correct Answer 3
9Gustav KlimtNot Attempted 1Not Attempted 3
10unemploymentCorrect Answer 2Not Attempted 3
11Jean SibeliusNot Attempted 2Not Attempted 3
12kitesNot Attempted 2Correct Answer 4
13Martin Luther King, Jr.Not Attempted 2Correct Answer 5
14United KingdomCorrect Answer 3Not Attempted 5
15torqueCorrect Answer 4Not Attempted 5
16Waiting for GodotCorrect Answer 5Not Attempted 5
17Of Mice and MenCorrect Answer 6Not Attempted 5
18Vaslav NijinskyNot Attempted 6Not Attempted 5
19Vladimir LeninCorrect Answer 7Not Attempted 5
20compilersNot Attempted 7Correct Answer 6
Final Score  7  6