Scobol Solo 2011 Round 8: Kevin Salat vs. Alex Park

Room 321
Noah Prince
Kevin Salat came in with Card 73
Alex Park came in with Card 104
Tossups Heard
#Answer Kevin Salat
Wheaton North High School
Alex Park
St. Charles East High School
1William GoldingCorrect Answer 1Not Attempted 0
2Marco PoloNot Attempted 1Not Attempted 0
3SputnikNot Attempted 1Correct Answer 1
4SethNot Attempted 1Not Attempted 1
5El GrecoCorrect Answer 2Not Attempted 1
6University of MichiganCorrect Answer 3Not Attempted 1
7parallel postulateNot Attempted 3Not Attempted 1
8Willa CatherNot Attempted 3Not Attempted 1
9plutoniumNot Attempted 3Correct Answer 2
10C MajorNot Attempted 3Correct Answer 3
11Andrew JacksonCorrect Answer 4Not Attempted 3
12cystic fibrosisNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 3
13Steven SondheimNot Attempted 4Not Attempted 3
14Ural MountainsCorrect Answer 5Not Attempted 3
15Victor HugoCorrect Answer 6Not Attempted 3
16differentiationNot Attempted 6Correct Answer 4
17B. F. SkinnerCorrect Answer 7Not Attempted 4
18pendulumNot Attempted 7Correct Answer 5
19Robert BurnsNot Attempted 7Not Attempted 5
20DenmarkCorrect Answer 8Not Attempted 5
Final Score  8  5